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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Coeur d' Alene Resort Remodeling


If you've been to the Coeur d' Alene Resort in last couple of weeks, you'll notice one thing. Everything is torn up and out of place as the Hagadone Hospitiality Company has started a full interior remodel of the property, which is something that was much needed in the popular resort.The Hagadone owned Coeur d' Alene Resort has embarked on a 2.5 million dollar remodel project. The project has most of the lobby and store area near the main entrance off of Front Ave. and Second St. closed off to the public.  Guests now use employee corridors, and it forces departments such as Human Resources to temporarily be moved into the vacant spaces in The Resort Plaza Shops across Front Ave. from the main resort.We will have to watch for the finshed product of the remodel. It should be interesting because I do know the area that was formerly the Shore Lounge will be converted over to a conference center with kitchen upgrades and space for events up to 240 people.And the lounge,Whispers overlooking Lake Coeur d Alene  is also to be remodeled as well as remodeling and expanding the hotel check in area. And I would assume the look and feel of the lobby and stores lining the lobby.Like the lobby Starbucks,Coeur d Alene Art Gallery,Marie's Boutique,Resort Logo Shop and resort business center.The Hagadone Hospitality Company has also been working on other projects in and near the resort.The first being the opening of the Hagadone Event Center at the Coeur d' Alene Resort Golf Course, which allows weddings and many other events in a event center overlooking Lake Coeur d Alene in a brand new 11,000 square feet well a remodel of the pool area overlooking the lake on the 3rd floor, into an area for weddings and other events with a pleasant view of Lake Coeur d' Alene. And a elevator to the floor for  the special events.The Coeur d' Alene Resort is doing much of the updates because the resort is celebrating it's 25th anniversary this year.This  is something that we will have to watch as the resort is being rather secretive about exact details of this project so once the new areas are open, which from what I hear will happen in march.I will try to get pictures and more news at that point but for now it's exciting news of a new life for parts of the popular Coeur d Alene Resort.