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Friday, January 13, 2012

Coeur d Alene subdivision gets new life.

Like the mining ghost towns of Nevada when the economy of an area
takes a turn for the worse people pack up and leave,so has been the
case for a couple of Inland Northwest subdivisions earning the
nickname "ghost subdivision".One such subdivision,Cottage Grove had
everything infrastucture wise in but because of it being sold as a
luxury home,gated community nothing more ever happened.But now it's
owner Merrit Properties,the same people who built the Merritt Creek
Office Park near Riverstone,has decided to scale it down and start
over with Cottage Grove as a townhome community,new homes in Cottage
Grove start at 220,000 which is higher then some on the market in
Coeur d Alene but still better then it was.And each unit is 1601
square feet,Hopfully we see construction again soon at Cottage Grove
which is on Pinegrove just north of Canfield in North Coeur d
Alene.For more info contact Pam Harmon at 208-659-6678. Now let's hope
for progress at the nearby Orchard Lands subdivision but in today's
ecomomy we take what we can get.