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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Coeur d Alene Wedding Plaza follow-up

In December I made a post on here about the new Coeur d Alene Wedding Plaza at 1510 N Northwest Blvd in Coeur d Alene which is to be all wedding themed business.But mentioned in the post that 2 business remain in the plaza that are not wedding themed and asked the question of will they remain? Apperently my question has been answered as both Inked Envy Tattoo and Ryder's Collectibles are now gone.I did a little research and found Inked Envy is still open but now in a town in California and Ryder's Collectibles is a bit more of a mystery as my research has it looking like Ryder's Collectibles has gone completely online only.While this is sad to see these 2 shops go i'm sure the landlords have good plans for the site,I'll be watching this one more and post when I know....