Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Midtown Coeur d Alene affordable housing project could start in 2012

Orginally proposed back in 2007 by LCDC and a company called The Housing Company,An affordable housing structure in Midtown Coeur d Alene is back on the table and could be begin construction as early as this fall.Some things have changed with the project as THC points out that the market has shifted greatly since 2007 so while the housing was to be in low priced condo's,now we know that the project will be apartments,45 units in all with 90 parking spaces and ground floor retail space,9,000 sq feet in the newly redesigned Midtown Coeur d Alene district.THC is asking LCDC for 447,000 additional dollars as a pledge to assure a grant from the state.The apartments are to be built directly on 4th st on land LCDC already owns and is currently occupied by Paris Flea Market and a bargin grocery store by 4th St. and Roosevelt Ave.


  1. Wonder where the existing businesses will move to or if they will just shut down? Has a plan been shared with the public as to what type of "affordable" housing this will be?

  2. I know they are planning apartments,And Jamie you asked something i've asked before but never got answered,I know the 2 business that ar there not big employers or anything but it does seem odd,In my opinion I don't see why they can't build elsewhere to avoid the exsisting structures,Midtown does have a couple of spots that such a project could be built on.I'm going to be looking into this more and I'm pretty sure I know where the plan is so I'll look into that probably for a future post on here.


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