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Monday, November 26, 2012

Dick's Sporting Goods is open in Spokane Valley

The new Dick's Sporting Goods store is now open in the Spokane Valley. The store opened to the public earlyer this month and is located at the Spokane Valley Mall.For more on who Dick's is and what to expect read the post below.

This info was orginally posted on October 17th:

Pittsburg,Pa based Sporting Goods retailer Dick's Sporting Goods will be coming to Spokane Valley Mall's strip mall in the parking lot. Dick's which is under construction now will take over the space that was Wholesale Sports after Wholesale moved to Northtown Mall earlyer this year. In all Dick's will take over about 45,000 sq feet of retail space.

This will be the first Dick's Sporting Goods location for the Spokane market area, although the store does operate stores currently in Western Washington. The new store will employ about 75 people and sell items for sports ,camping , golf ,hunting and fishing. Also they plan to sell state hunting and fishing licences.

The opening date for the Spokane Valley Dick's Sporting Goods will be November 9th and for more info on Dick's visit-