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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Spokane International Airport upgrades

Although mostly minor upgrades this time around, The Spokane International Airport has put a lot of time and money into a few upgrades recently. All of which are geared towards improving the experience for passengers and customers coming in and out of GEG.

The new project at Spokane International include...

-A new cell phone parking lot
         This new bigger cell phone parking lot is in a new location this time closer to the terminal. The new lot is located directly on Airport Dr. on the opposite side from the main parking lot and parking garage entry. The new cell phone parking lot is a lot where visitor may park and wait to pick up passengers who in turn call by cell phone. The old lot was along Flint Rd. still on the Airport campus but a longer trip.

-A new mobile website.
  Now when users log into the Airport's website at using a iPhone, Android or Blackberry type mobile device they are connected into a new mobile version of the main web site. The new site allows users to navigate thru the Airport on the phone and get up to date flight arrival and departure times. The user can even share their flight info on Facebook and Twitter directly from the new mobile website.

-A new SRE building
 SRE stands for Snow Removal Equipment and now this winter Spokane International is even more ready for the new snow and ice with a new storage building to house the Airport's SRE equipment. The new building is expected to be complete sometime early next year.

- Newly resurfaced parking garage helixes
The helix's are the spiral exit ramps on the side of the parking garage across from the Terminal. During the month of October those ramps we're completely resurfaced and will now have increased traction for car tires during the upcoming winter months.

Spokane International Airport also will launch service to Hawaii in early 2013 ( info on that here-  ). And the Airport is also continuing to work on establishing flight service between Spokane and LAX. More on that flight connection hopefully soon.

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