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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A new home for Coeur d' Alene Schools

The Coeur d' Alene School District #274 has found a new home for it's administrative offices. The district will likely move sometime in February of 2013 to there newly leased building located at 1400 Northwood Center Court,nearby the Northwest Blvd. / Seltice Way intersection in Coeur d' Alene.

The move was viewed as a necessity because the district's current offices ,located on 10th St. , close to Downtown Coeur d' Alene, are severly outdated and are quickly becoming un-usable. The old offices will be torn down sometime next spring after the district moves out.

The new building is also more conveinent to the district's schools which are scattered thru out the city.A plan was once also considered for building a new office by the district's Midtown Center campus but that plan was quickly scrapped after preliminary estmates came back over budget.

The building on Northwood Center Court will come with a cost of 21,000 a month for 9 months and at the end of the 9 months the district will have the option to purchase the building for 2.2 million dollars. Payment on the purchase of the new building will be made by selling off excess property elsewhere in the city, including a property the district is too sell to the city. That property is part of Person Field, another property up for sale is along Atlas Rd. by Northshire Park.