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Monday, November 5, 2012

Zipcar comes to Spokane

A new way to get around has come to Spokane and that new way is thru a service called car sharing. And no this car sharing isn't what you and your teen driver do on Saturday night, this time it's thru a national car sharing service called, Zipcar .

Zipcar , which is a Massachusetts based company has entered into an agreement with Gonzaga University to park a few of Zipcar's cars on their campus for use by students and anyone in the community who is a member of the service. Zipcar's cars have become a  popular transportation option for many other cities in the nation including Pullman where Zipcar's cars can be found on Washington State University's campus.

Locally the Zipcar cars will be found at 1200 N Standard Ave. near DeSmet Cir. at Gonzaga. Renting a car is easy but does require an annual fee to become a member of the service and a rental fee to borrow the cars after that.The fee annually is 60 dollars for a community member and 25 dollars for Gonzaga student or faculty member. After that the cars are 69 dollars a day or 7.50 per hour.

Another perk of the new car sharing service will be a reduced environmental impact as one of the goal of car-sharing is the reduce the amount of cars on the roads.Nationally Zipcar has over 11,000 cars in service.

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