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Monday, February 17, 2014

Rumor Mill: Is Rosauers Supermarkets opening a store in Suncrest?

Living on the opposite side of the Spokane Metro Area, I hadn't heard of this rumor until just recently. But as it turns out there may be some truth to the rumor of a Rosauers coming to the Suncrest area just Northwest of Spokane.

For this topic however, I found a great local blog for news just about this part of our area, who as already covered this. So for a change of pace I figured I'd share a link to their answer. Which does look  somewhat positive towards a Rosauers on Hwy 291 at Swenson Rd. in Suncrest / Lake Spokane. Here is their story-

Thank you , Nine Mile Falls News and Info for doing all the work for me:) And we will personally keep an eye out for any official word on this project.