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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Anthony's Beach Cafe to open in the new,Regal Plaza

Late last week we learned of yet another new tenant to be added to the growing list of shops and restaurants that will open in the now under construction, Regal Plaza shopping center on the South Hill at the corner of Regal and Palouse Hwy.

The newly announced tenant is a new restaurant making it two new eatery's set in stone to open at the development. And interestingly enough, this is the first tenant that will be new to Spokane ( in a way...) , something the plaza developer, David Black promised at least some of when construction first began.

The new restaurant will be a location of Anthony's Beach Café, the small chain based out of Western Washington is a division of Anthony's Resturants which already owns and operates Anthony's at Spokane Falls, an mid to upscale seafood restaurant in Downtown Spokane overlooking the Spokane Falls.

The Spokane Falls Anthony's location will remain in business and in fact, this new Beach Café will be a different restaurant from the more formal Downtown location. Anthony's Beach Café is a more casual dine in Seafood restaurant concept that still uses fresh seafood in what their web site calls
" fresh and fun preparations"

The new Spokane Anthony's Beach Café will occupy a portion of "Pad B" of Regal Plaza and will be joined by Café Rio and possibly others in the new development. The Beach Café is currently scheduled to be open by October and will employ about 50 and indoor and outdoor seating will be available.

Also rumored to be among the tenant list is a new Red Robin location. Sadly, this rumor seems to not be true as from what we have heard ( and not confirmed, however) that chain feels their Downtown Spokane location would be too close to this site. However Starbucks Coffee does appear to be opening in the new Target that will anchor the site and Petsmart has also signed on to open a store there as well.