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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Northtown Mall looking for "unique food businesses"

Ever since the redevelopment of Northtown Mall was announced late last year I've been keeping an eye and ear out for more on these plans. And while I'm really only going on a post on Facebook it looks like the mall might be planning to have some new unique food options. Perhaps even a version of the Portland style food carts?

We don't know yet but this weekend this post appeared from the folks that run the North Spokane Mall ( ) ...

"Do You Have a Unique Food Business?

Unique Food Businesses Wanted!
We are looking for unique food use kiosks to enhance our mall shopper experience. You will benefit from increased exposure and high traffic flows, plus best in the business kiosk support. Be part of our exciting redevelopment and take your business to the next level!

Contact for more information "

We will be looking into this and will continue to watch for more news. The redevelopment of Northtown Mall appears to be starting soon, although a bit later then originally planned. The project calls for demolition of a portion of the north end of the mall and then re building an exciting new space. In addition updates will also be done in other portions of the mall.

The new portion of Northtown Mall will also include some new full restaurant choices as well. There are rumors of Buffalo Wild Wings, Dave & Busters and even The Cheesecake Factory but we have been unable to get a confirmation on any of them.

For more information on this big project check out this INBW post from when it was first announced-

And for renderings of what the finished product might look like including photo's of the portion of the mall planned for demolition view this posting-