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Monday, June 2, 2014

Gaia's Rock'n Crystals rock shop opens in CdA

"Rockhounds" and others will no doubt want to check out one of the newest businesses in Coeur d' Alene. That new business is a rock and gift shop that opened a couple of months ago, just a few blocks north of Downtown in the Harbor Plaza Shopping Center ( 610 W. Hubbard )and is called Gaia's Rock'n Crystals.

Usually I try to describe the new business to, you , our readers. But in this case I'll just share the about us on Gaia's Facebook page because it's probably the best explination of this new business. To find Gaia's Rock'n Crystals on Facebook click here-

And now that "about us " posting from business owner Maryann Smith -

"We sell rocks, crystals, minerals, jewelry, sage, sweetgrass, singing bowls and gift items.
We have gems, crystals, rocks, minerals, beautiful displays made here for the rocks out of drift wood with beads, feathers plus, we also sell sage, incense, singing bowls, jewelry, custom made jewelry. Call for more details. 208-964-4708.
Our shop has moved to 610 W Hubbard, Coeur d Alene, Idaho, We are downstairs in the Harbor Plaza which is on Northwest Blvd and the corner of Hubbard. I am the company owner- Maryann Smith. We are in Coeur d Alene, Idaho. We also ship online orders but do not have a website at this time. Here is my contact information-Maryann Smith 208-964-4708, Feel free to email me if you would like us to add your name to the customer list and you will receive our monthly news about sales, new items, etc… Thank you, hope to see you. "