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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Jenkins Building set for renovations, to add apartments

From the good news department, 2014 is turning out to a big year for renovations on historic buildings in Spokane. And while most of those projects are in the Downtown core ( Saranac Commons, Bennett Block, Happin's Building,etc... ) we are now starting to see that exciting drive toward historic preservation moving out of Downtown, as is the case in the latest new project announcement.

That new project will be a full renovation of all 3 floors at the Jenkins Building at 802 N. Monroe St, which is also known for being the home of Alpine Bistro.

The building was recently sold to Mark Agee, who purchased the building under his business name , Ten Talents,LLC for $750,000 . The upper two floors are where most of the investment will be as Agee plans to convert this long vacant space into apartments.

In all somewhere between 10 to 16 new apartments are planned to be added, along with a new elevator. The ground floor will remain retail / restaurant space with Alpine not leaving the historic structure.

The Jenkins Building isn't the only historic building undergoing renovations on N. Monroe either as the former firehouse building at 1229 N. Monroe was recently acquired by Spokane Public Radio and will be re purposed as office / studio / performance space for the needs of the local NPR affiliate. More info on that project can be found on this prior post-