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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Diabetic friendly grocery store coming to Spokane Valley

Grocery stores and restaurants in Spokane and around the nation alike have been gradually adding foods for those with food allergies. Many places now give a gluten free option, but for diabetics , sugar free foods options can be a little more hand to find.

But soon, a new business in Spokane Valley will open to help out. The new business will be a diabetic friendly grocery store called Not So Sweet .

The store is currently scheduled to open in late winter / early spring of this year. The store will be small with a little more then 3,000 square feet of space at 302 S. Pines Rd., a couple of blocks south of the Pines / Sprague intersection in Spokane Valley. The store will employ 5 and carry many low or no sugar specialty grocery items. No meat or produce section will be available due to space, but a frozen food section will be in the store.

In addition, Not So Sweet will also carry gluten free items as well.

Currently Not So Sweet has no online presence ( web site or social media ) but we will update if and when they do.