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Monday, January 5, 2015

Wollnick's moving Downtown , parent company to open other brand's stores in Downtown Spokane

The Spokane based Etailz,Inc. has a major online shopping presence with websites like and a few others. But late last year the company took the next step and established a brick and mortar retail store here in Spokane.

That store is, Wollnick's and has operated in Spokane's Perry District for a little more then a year. The store which sells sustainable gifts, home goods and more has gathered a following in it's relatively small, but new, space. But now Wollnick's and it's parent Etailz,Inc. are moving on up yet again.

Wollnick's has closed down it's Perry St. store and will open as soon as Mid-January in Downtown Spokane. The store will take the prime space at 421 W. Main, a section of the former Happin's store. The new store space will be much larger then the original store with more then triple the space. In addition to the size of the store, the new location also has location on it's side. The new store is one of many new businesses in the block following a couple of recent building renovations. And on top of that, it is within walking distance of River Park Square and the new Grand Hotel Spokane.

But the new Downtown Wollnick's store isn't the only big news for Etailz as the company is also planning to open retail stores in Spokane for two of their other branches. Those new retail stores are....


Vault will be an electronics store that will take a portion of the space on W. Main . The store will carry a good sized inventory of electronic accessories and similar.

Coy Beauty

Coy Beauty will be a beauty supply store and will be located within newly renovated retail space in the Bickett Building. The store's address will be 227 W. Riverside.

All three of the company's stores will carry much of the same inventory as on their web sites. Likely all will be opening within the first months of 2015.

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