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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

2420 Building ready for retail / office uses on South Hill

While the building has been standing since last Summer, tenant improvement work is just now being wrapped up on one the South Hill's newest multi use buildings.

That building is the "2420 Building" named so because of it's address at 2420 E. 29th Ave. is now open . The building is available to retail on the ground floor and office space above. In all the new building provides about 20,000 square feet of space with one business already set to open at the 2420. That tenant is said to be Dr. Scott Ralph, a locally based Orthodontist.

The building is on the high traffic corner of 29th and Southeast Blvd. and is only a few blocks to the west of the Lincoln Heights Shopping Center, home to Trader Joe's .

Leasing of the 2420 Building is being done by SDS Realty of Spokane. A flyer from SDS currently advertises space in the building at $30 per square foot. For more on leasing space within this new building check - or via Facebook at -

And keep watching INBW for new tenants news at this new building