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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Table 13 will be a restaurant in the Grand Hotel Spokane

Those of you following along with my blog may remember me sharing renderings of what the completed Grand Hotel Spokane ( 333 W. Spokane Falls Blvd. ) will look like. At, that time I also shared a rendering of a new restaurant coming to Spokane called Table 13 which I had assumed would be in the hotel.

And, I have now confirmed that, Table 13 will in fact be a new restaurant planned to open within the new hotel tower. Likely on the first floor.

There is no word on a menu or employment figures, but we can assume this will be the upscale Italian restaurant we had heard was planned to be in the hotel. This is because Table 13 is modeled after developer Walt Worthy's favorite Italian restaurant in Palm Beach,Fla.

Here are the rendering of this new restaurant-

In addition to this confirmation of Table 13 opening at the Grand Hotel Spokane. We also recently found out rooms at the new hotel are now bookable via the Marriott web site at .
The Grand Hotel, along with sister hotel's The Davenport and Hotel Lusso are all part of the Marriott system but under a special branding for unique and/ or historic upscale hotels.

Room reservations on the Marriott web site is only available when booking in at least June 2015.  Room prices will vary but appear to be quite comparable to other mid to upscale hotels in Spokane.

We, have also heard the Grand Hotel will also have a Starbucks Coffee location, this part however has not yet been confirmed.