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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Indaba Coffee to open location in Downtown Spokane

The West Central neighborhood's anchor coffee shop, Indaba Coffee, will expand there reach soon with a new second location in the heart of Downtown Spokane.

The original location, which can be found at 1425 W. Broadway will remain open. And, the new location will open in the coming weeks / months in a first floor storefront in the Bennett Block building, corner of Main and Howard . The new Downtown Indaba Coffee will take a small space in between Mizuna and the former Spokane Exercise Equipment store.

The new location will employ 5 and will feature their single origin coffees and provide a venue for barista competitions. Here is exactly what to expect from Indaba from company owner and founder Bobby Enslow-

" We will be offering several coffee options for your espresso or pour over coffee. We also have some fun surprises for those really into specialty coffee. As we continue to pioneer specialty coffee in Spokane, people can expect to find unique coffee cocktails, spectacular hospitality, and the usual amazing cup of coffee. "

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