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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Argonne Road Safeway store to close?

Safeway's corporate customer service department won't say that it is true or not, but we've been told from a couple of in the know sources that a Spokane Valley Safeway store will close it's doors soon.

The store in question is the Safeway at 1441 N. Argonne Rd. just south of I-90. We're told that store's lease is up soon and they have chosen not to renew due to slowing sales. Some, if not all employees of the store will be able to take open positions at other Spokane area Safeway stores.

The Argonne Safeway closure is not a direct result of the chain's recent merger with Albertson's / Supervalu . However the Liberty Lake Safeway is involved in that sale, they will actually transfer to the Western Washington based Haggen grocery store chain. More on that here-

If my news is correct, the Argonne Rd. Safeway store will have it's last day in March.

Update Feb. 17th 2015-
The closure of the Argonne Road Safeway is now confirmed. Here is the details-