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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Telect bringing manufacturing operations to Liberty Lake + New life at the Liberty Lake Business Park

Telect,Inc. has been a part of the Spokane area business community for many years. The company's corporate headquarters has remained in Liberty Lake, even after the manufacturing side of the company moved outside of Eastern Washington a few years back. But that is now changing...

Telect, which is a manufacturer of fiber optic and communication equipment that had plants in Mexico and Plano,Texas , recently announced it's intention to close the Texas plant. With the plant closure they will move a portion of it's work here to a new facility in Liberty Lake.

The new Liberty Lake Telect plant will have fewer employees then the Plano plant had, but still will create a lot of new local jobs. The new Liberty Lake Telect plant will employ about 60 in the plant alone to start, and will include space for new HQ offices allowing both office and manufacturing staff to all be under the same roof once again. The company will leave their current office building on Knox Ave. in Liberty Lake in Feb. / March .

The new operations will be in a currently vacant space at the Liberty Lake Business Park at 22425 E. Appleway. This is the large complex of white buildings near the corner of Appleway and Liberty Lake Road, just off of I-90. There is also speculation that Telect's move into the park may bring new life to that site which has struggled in recent years.

Currently, there are no businesses at the park, although Vivint did operate a call center in the park for about a year before closing and leaving the local area altogether. Telect will take about 60,000 square feet there, with a rumored new call center to also be close to leasing space there as well. If the new call center does happen, then the complexes restaurant space may also be re-filled. That space was last used when Safeco Insurance was at the building, but with Safeco's relocation to the Meadowwood complex, the restaurant moved also, and is now in business at Meadowwood as Eat Good.

Telect has already started the process of moving into the Liberty Lake Business Park space will operations expected to be fully geared up sometime this spring.

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