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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Long running, Ressa's Shoe Service moves ahead of building demolition

The blocks of Division north of Downtown are changing fast, new buildings are rising and new restaurants / business have opened in this portion of Spokane's University District. But unfortunately sometimes progress has a cost...

Ressa's Shoe Service, which has been on the same block since the 1930's , and in the same family since 1946 was recently informed they will have to move as their building and lot have been sold for the new Sweeto Burrito restaurant which is to open later this year. But, the good news is that while the long running locally owned & operated business will have to move, Ressa's Shoe Service is still in business!

In fact Ressa's Shoe Service has moved and is even still in the same neighborhood! Ressa's can now be found at 20 E. Indiana Ave.

Ressa's Shoe Service is a full service shoe repair business, that also can do repairs sporting equipment and even leather. They also sell some shoes, work boots and shoe accessories like insoles, laces and more.

For more information on Ressa's Shoe Service, visit them in person or on their website at-