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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Spokane International Airport, may start construction on new gas station / fast food building this Summer

Spokane International Airport has had several construction projects over the last few years from a new Parking Operations office building to taxiway / runway improvements and many more. Between the Airport's projects and the private businesses projects on the Airport's campus, it seems like there is always something happening at Spokane International Airport.

And, now planning is underway for a project to be constructed to the east of the terminal and parking, along Airport Drive , that will answer a need of many airport customers, a new gas station / travel plaza.

While, several services are available at or near the Airport, for whatever reason there are no gas stations close to the main airport. This has caused a problem, primarily for those with rental cars as the rental car companies request cars return with a certain amount of fuel. Also, many visiting the Airport need essentials after long days of travel, or maybe just gas to get back home.

The new gas station is only in the planning phase and likely no construction will happen for awhile. In fact, pre-application documents filed with the City of Spokane show an estimated construction start date of August. The gas station will be located on a new private driveway that will run from the inbound to outbound Airport Dr. lanes, putting the new facility in what is now a vacant area. Also, a new cell phone waiting parking lot would be adjacent to the new project with several more parking spaces then the current lot.

The address of the new gas station's site is currently listed as 2918 S. Flint Rd. and will cost approximately $2.1 million .

The plans as they stand now show four fuelling pump islands, underneath a canopy, no gas station branding is mentioned however as of yet. Also, the plans show a fast food restaurant and car wash included on the site, with the restaurant being located in the same building as the gas station's c-store and a drive though being added to the south side of the building. There also is no mention of what kind of fast food restaurant this might be.

We will continue to keep an eye on this project, as we expect some sort of announcements on this coming within the next few months.