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Monday, April 4, 2016

STA Plaza remodel to start this month

Spokane Transit Authority's Downtown bus plaza hasn't always had the best public image. But a renovation that's been in the works for several years now, should finally start sometime this month, and will continue on for almost a year helping to change that image, and provide a better place for bus riders.

The renovations will upgrade the first floor and move the second floors offices / businesses onto the first floor to essentially close off the public common areas on the second floor. This will eliminate some of the un-necessary common areas and provide for a new area for retail / restaurants which will be easier for the public to access . The second floor of the building will be walled off after first floor upgrades are complete, services and business on the second floor will stay open during the construction phase. A decision on what to use the second floor is still pending.

Walker Construction will act as the contractor for the project which first came on the table 8 years ago. Customer service and new restroom facilities will move to space on the south side of the first floor, the customer service department will be combined with the security department in the new space. The escalator, which is a current focal point in the middle of the first floor, will be replaced by a new smaller escalator near the Sprague Ave. building entrance.

Excess spaces along the west side of the building, along with the rotunda and a space near the Sprague entry will be opened up for lease by retail shops, restaurants or coffee shops.  Pre-leasing of those new spaces is already underway by NAI Black. A total of five spaces will be included, however then space near the north ( Riverside ) entrance will remain open as a Subway, which is already open there. A C-Store and an Pizza Rita location are currently open on the second floor, but I'm told it will be up to NAI Black to do all leasing work, so it's unclear if those two businesses will move into new spaces on the first floor.

STA busses will continue to use the bus plaza as a hub for bus routes throughout all of the construction phase. And, after construction is complete, bus loading areas on both Sprague and Riverside will also remain in the same location as they are today.

A new website spefically for this project is coming soon, but for now, for more information on Spokane Transit Authority, visit their website at-