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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Comcast launches new Liberty Lake Call Center with celebration event

After spending several months in a smaller leased space in Spokane Valley the new Spokane Comcast call center is now in it's permanent home bringing hundreds of new jobs to the local area and giving Comcast  / Xfinity customers an improved customer service experience. The new call center takes customer service calls for the company's many technology driven products and answers calls for customers wanting information, etc on the Comcast products offered on the Amazon website.

Even though the call center is now open for business, hiring for the new facility is still ongoing as the company hopes to have 750 employees once the center is fully staffed. The new Liberty Lake call center is one of three new customer service call centers Comcast has planned in an effort to boost the companies customer service image which has not been as positive as they would hope in recent years. The other new call centers will open in Tucson,AZ and Albuquerque,NM .

The Liberty Lake call center boast two stories and approximately 80,000 square feet of space. It is located within the Meadowwood Technology Campus ( corner of Mission & Molter Rd. ) here it joins a couple of other companies that have large amounts of local employees like Liberty Mutual Insurance & Providence Health System as tenants there . In fact during today's opening celebration event Liberty Lake Mayor Steve Peterson made note when he came into office ( for this term ) in 2012, Meadowwood was not operating yet and had a total of 2 jobs at the site. Today with the opening of the new Comcast Call Center , Meadowwood Technology Campus is now home to over 4000 jobs with even more new buildings on the drawing board.

The new Comcast call center is huge for it's amount of new jobs created but it's also noteworthy that the bulk of those jobs went to local citizens from the Spokane area. In fact 85% of the current workforce at the Comcast call center we're hired from this area with the majority of employees travelling from Spokane itself out to work in the center.

As mentioned before in this article the Comcast will employ 750 here, but not all are hired yet. In fact in the facility tours at today's event several rows of workstations remain empty just waiting for new hires. If your interested in working at the new Liberty Lake Comcast call center, visit - 

And, now a look at the new call center from some pictures I took during today's event-

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