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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Historic former Wonder Bread Factory sells

It's been called one of the most prime spots for re-development in Spokane, the former Wonder Bread factory building has been sold and might not have to sit vacant too much longer. But don't count on construction workers moving into the building anytime soon as the new owner has not yet decided on their plans for the building and / or land.

The building, which is just a stone's throw south of the Spokane Arena at 803 N. Post is now owned by a group of real estate investors called Wonder Spokane, LLC . The investment group includes Pete Mounsey , who is the same name behind the recent remodel of the Lincoln View Apartments building at 721 S. Lincoln on the Lower South Hill.

Wonder Spokane,LLC says they are beginning to look into what the building could be re-purposed as. The building however will likely be a mixed use development of some kind with 111,000 square feet of space already in the historic brick former factory / warehouse building. The building has not been used since 2000 but has an amazing amount of possibilities for new uses.

The site appears on the outside to still be good condition and the parcel is allowed to house a building up 12 stories which could mean they could build up the existing building or ??? . Some parking is already at the site and one building on the lot ( not included in this sale ) has already been renovated and is now going strong as the home David's Pizza.

The site holds much potential with the proximity to Spokane Arena, Kendall Yards and even Downtown Spokane which is just across Riverfront Park from the Wonder Bread factory building. As mentioned there is no plans for the building yet so as of now any plans at this point are only heresy but the area is in need of residential space. And, would be a perfect home for a public market which Spokane has been lacking. The possibilities are incredible so the sale of the building could be huge for Spokane.

We will continue to watch for news on any future plans so stay tuned!