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Friday, September 16, 2016

Large mixed use building purposed at Division & Spokane Falls in Downtown Spokane

The abandoned auto repair shop on the southeast side of the intersection of Division & Spokane Falls Blvd. has attracted a couple of prior development plans. Two in fact, and to date the abandoned building still sits there waiting. Perhaps because both plans involved converting the lot into a large high rise, an ambitious plan.  

But, now a third plan has been purposed and is going to a pre-development conference with the city ( a common first step for projects like this ). And, while nothing will happen overnight this plan seems the most realistic to date. On top of that the developer , University Housing Partners of San Clamente,CA is the same people who recently opened to the new 940 North student apartment building only a few blocks to the north of this site.

The plans for the building, which is un-named but would have an address of 230 N. Division, are for it to be mixed use. The building would be only six stories ( significantly lower then the previously purposed skyscrapers ) with floors 2 - 6 being apartments , likely similar to the apartments at 940 North which are designed for the students of the close by University's . The location of these apartments would also likely be a selling point also as the blocks immediately surrounding the site have become quite hip in the last few years with several bar's, trendy shops and more all within a easy walk.

The ground level would be mostly space for retail or restaurants with no tenants names mentioned. There would be 12,000 square feet of commercial space on the ground floor in possibly 4 storefronts. A lobby for the apartment levels would also be located here and the all important parking area would also be on the ground level located out of sight behind the commercial area's

We reached out to University Housing Partners who said it was " too early to comment " on the plan. However it seems like the project would mostly be a perfect fit for the area and urban area housing projects are proving to be successful at this point in time . We will just have to wait and see if the building plan can get off the ground and bring new life to the presently life-less corner in Downtown Spokane