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Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Radio Bar opening soon on Northwest Blvd. in Spokane

We'll all soon be tuning into a new bar off of Northwest Blvd. in Spokane. Work is ongoing to open a new radio station themed bar, called Radio Bar in the former Brandywine Bar space at 2408 W. Northwest Blvd..

The new owners are husband and wife and say they immediately noticed the structure resembled and old radio station. Hence the name Radio Bar, the bar even boasts a new radio antenna on top of the structure. Inside they are installing a solid stereo system and a vintage radio that they plan to use a host stand.

Photos of radio towers, stations, etc. will be incorporated as the decor. And, they are considering a record night where guests call play the music they'd like. The Radio Bar will begin as bar primarily but they also hope to " evolve into their our limited kitchen space " as time goes on.

Stay tuned to this channel for updates on this new bar coming soon, also find them on Instagram -