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Saturday, November 6, 2021

Celebrating 10 years of Inland Northwest Business Watch!!!

 I wanted to drop in briefly to say Thank You , to everyone who reads this site every time I post something. 

Thank you, to the people who check it out every so often. 

Thank you, to the people who've never been on here before but thinks it's not the worst site they've ever seen. 

Thank you to everyone who reads this site and/or follows it on social media.

My name is Matt and I recently entered the 10th year of writing this blog. I still write it by myself and I still love sharing construction and business news updates, just as much as I did on day one. But I wouldn't continue to do it if it weren't for the readers. 

In those 10 years I've broken a few stories, made a few mistakes ( luckily I have a pretty good record though ), met some amazing people. I got to write a short lived magazine column, been mentioned in print, was a guest on Spokane Talks, been a Spokane Guild Tastemaker ( still am ), toured several places before they opened and met numerous important decision makers. It's amazing! 

One has to understand that while many geek out about seeing their favorite band or famous person. I get the same joy seeing the inside of a under construction building, being one of the first to try a new restaurant and even just being first to write about a new place on here. When a post is successful it's brings me joy beyond what is probably normal, but that's who I am.

I am a major introvert so sometimes this blog has brought me out of my shell, put me in more then a few uncomfortable situations. I regret to admit but I've passed up some opportunities I probably could have taken to further this site. I'm not one to sit on the phone asking millions of questions like the traditional writers and reporters, heck I try avoid phone calls altogether most of time. But, somehow I put something out on a regular basis on this site and I'd like to thank anyone who's worked with me to get info for this site. I apologize for not being the best to work with, but my deep down passion for this site keeps me going.

I have no plans to stop blogging any time soon. I won't lie, I have considered it in the past. I've thought about re-starting the site with a different name and format, I've thought about going to a YouTube vlog format . But when they the day is done, I think I have something that sorta works as is or else you wouldn't be here reading this. 

I'm not here to compete with anyone, my stories overlap with a few other media sites sometimes , but I don't intend to be here to take readers away from anyone. Instead I want to help be another voice in the effort to promote our region. I'm a proud Journal of Business subscriber, will recommend Ed Clark's How's Business newsletter to anyone and will gladly give out a link to something in The Inlander, if I know they beat me to a new restaurant or something. Too many people put the Spokane area down and I just want to be a way for people to find something new and cool, rethink what they thought.

Thank you for reading my celebratory rant, even though I did mention my introvert tendencies earlier, please do reach out to me any time.

 If you want to ask me a question about something you saw being built, if you're working on a business or project and want to show me / send me info, or just to say hi. Please do reach out ( / Direct- ) . And, if you see me out and about, come up and say hi because I genuinely do love meeting the people who read this site and I'd love to tell you Thank You in person!

Stay tuned , big things I'm sure are in store in the next 10 years!