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Thursday, February 21, 2013

360 Fitness expands,to open at Riverstone

Coeur d' Alene's 360 Fitness is growing. 360's Coeur d' Alene location had been in the Mountain View Shopping Center,behind Texas Roadhouse at the corner of Neider and US 95 for the last couple of years but they must be doing something right because that mid sized gym is now becoming one of Coeur d' Alene's largest in a new remodel and move that began late last year.

People looking to work out / lose weight won't find 360 Fitness in that space on Neider anymore as they have relocated back to a much larger space in Downtown Coeur d' Alene. 360 Fitness has taken over the former Coeur d' Alene Athletic Club at the corner of 2nd Ave. and Coeur d' Alene Ave just 2 blocks north of Sherman.

The new Downtown 360 Fitness location is much larger then the gym's old home and now offers features new to 360's members like a basketball court and a indoor swimming pool. Also in the works is a verity of new work out equipment as well as upgraded TV's and security systems, the Downtown location will also soon be open 24 hours. In the acquisition all of the Coeur d' Alene Athletic Club's members have also become members of the new 360 Fitness.

The new Downtown gym isn't the only big news at 360 as 360 Fitness will also open a second location soon at Riverstone. The Riverstone 360 Fitness location will occupy the space on Main St. that was originally configured for a Barnes & Noble but due to the economy that store never was actually completed. The 360 Fitness location at Riverstone will open sometime in the spring and will have a primarily personal training focus.

Currently no new tenants have been announced for the the gym's former location on Neider.