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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Shut down Knitting Factory to re-open

In case you haven't already heard on the top news topics in Spokane has been the shut down of the popular Downtown Spokane concert house / bar The Knitting Factory.

The Knitting Factory,which is located on W. Sprague Ave. , in the middle of the Davenport Arts District, was shut down earlier this week by Spokane Police acting on orders by Police Chief Frank Straub to close down the venue because of several shootings that have taken place in the immediate neighborhood over the past year.Straub believes the shootings are in significant issue of public safety for the people who live,work and play in the neighborhood on the western edge of Downtown Spokane.

The City of Spokane and the Spokane Police Department are able to shut down establishments due to their authority over entertainment permits.

However Spokane Police along with the CEO of The Knitting Factory's California based parent company, Knitting Factory Entertainment have reached an agreement and announced earlier today that The Knitting Factory is now officially back open.

The closure effected only venue itself, the newly opened District Bar located in the same building as The Knitting Factory never closed as it is a separate business.