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Friday, February 8, 2013

CarHop comes to Spokane Valley

CarHop a chain of used car dealerships the specializes in selling cars, trucks , vans and SUV's to people who have has a prior credit issue has come to the Spokane area by opening a new car sales location in Spokane Valley. CarHop opened their first Washington State location in 2007 and continue to scout new locations. CarHop's official website states they operate locations is in 14 US states and a corporate headquarters location in Edina,Minn.

The new Spokane Valley CarHop is located at 5033 E. Sprague Ave. across from the Sprague Ave. Lowe's store.The new location  will offer a limited warranty as well as 3 day money back guarantee.

For more info on CarHop and their new Spokane location visit them at-