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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Several businesses closing /moving at Northtown Mall

It is important to note that Northtown Mall in Spokane is far from being a dead mall,in fact there has even been a few new store openings at the mall. But it's easy to notice that several stores have left Northtown since the start of the year. Why are these stores moving out of Northtown? That's unclear but most have went on to other,bigger locations. A rumor has swirled around that Northtown has increased it's rent,although this has not been confirmed.

Here is some of the store closings and moves that have happened at Northtown Mall...

Select Comfort

Select Comfort,which is known for it's sleep number brand of mattresses is leaving Northtown Mall soon. The store,which had been on the 1st floor of the mall by Barnes & Noble is moving to the former Perkins Restaurant building a couple of blocks north of the mall on Division.

The Perkins building is being remodeled for 2 retail units of which Select Comfort will take 1. Select Comfort also made a similar move in Spokane Valley,There they left Spokane Valley Mall for the Evergreen Crossing Shopping Center at the corner of Evergreen Rd and Indiana Ave.

Century Link

The phone / Internet / television company Century Link has also left Northtown Mall. The company had operated a kiosk on the 1st floor of the mall below the food court. Century Link now has it's own store that just recently celebrated a grand opening. Century Link's move is also similar to the move made by Select Comfort because they also left Spokane Valley Mall around the same time.

Century Link's new storefronts can be found at...
6704 N. Nevada St in Spokane  or 506 N. Sullivan Rd. in Spokane Valley

Bumpers Family Fun Center

The move of Bumpers was probably the most noticeable of all the stores to leave Northtown Mall since the start of 2013. To find out more about Bumpers leaving Northtown look at this previous post here on Inland Northwest Business Watch...


Chrome Personal Training Centre has moved out of Northtown Mall. The business which offers fitness training and classes was located on the first floor of the mall nearby Macy's and the paintball business.

Chrome has since re-opened a new bigger gym space in Spokane. Chrome can now be found at 206 E. North Foothills Dr.

Wholesale Sports

As of the time of writing this the Northtown Mall Wholesale Sports store is scheduled to close on March 10th. . Wholesale Sports occupies on the mall's several anchor spots on the first floor by Sears. The space was once filled by a Steve & Barry's until that business closed also,in that case Steve & Barry's closed all stores nationwide.

For more info on the closing of the Spokane Wholesale Sports check out this prior post here on Inland Northwest Business Watch...

Bruchi's Cheesesteaks and Subs

Bruchi's has left their food court space,the space has now been filled with a Subway location. More on that business switch in this prior Inland Northwest Business Watch post-

However in all the doom and gloom that comes from stores leaving the mall,several more are coming. Subway recently opened in the food court , as will an Asian restaurant called Miso. Retail wise Earthbound Trading Company is now open on the 2nd floor and signs are positive that work is starting on a new business for the space that was The Comic Book Store.

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