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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Broadwing Apartments going up in Liberty Lake

Earlier today on this site we posted about all the new apartment projects underway in Coeur d' Alene. But Coeur d' Alene is from being the only area in the Inland Northwest that's adding new multi-family housing. And one spot that's caught this business blogger's attention is the new Broadwing Apartments . Broadwing in now under construction in Liberty Lake, in fact buildings are up and inside work is well under way. The project is currently on track to begin leasing later this Summer or Fall.

Broadwing Apartments are being built on a new street called Spotted Owl Ln. which can be found directly next to the Talon Hills Senior Apartments off of Appleway on the town's far east side. The site is visible from Appleway and I-90,although it does take a bit of looking.

Broadwing is being built by Whitewater Creek Inc. , a development company located in Hayden that has constructed several other local apartment complexes. Whitewater Creek is also the company behind 2 other complexes that are all within a few 1000 feet of the Broadwing's site. Those complexes are the fore mentioned Talon Hills Senior Apartments and the First Liberty Apartments, a newer family apartment community directly on Appleway.

Broadwing , Like the other 2 will be income restricted and will be leased to families. To qualify for an apartment one must not make over a certain amount in income and rental rates are set on what one makes.

50 apartments will be included in the new complex and 1 , 2 and 3 bedroom units will be available. Because the complex is not yet open contact info for leasing is also not available, however some info may be able to obtained via First Liberty Aparments, their web site is-