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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Bistro Box food truck relocates to Spokane

Spokane's food truck scene is getting hotter every month, with new trucks hitting the road frequently, and many more in the works right now. Ok, sure Spokane is no Portland when it comes to street food but the food trucks and carts we do have are creating quite a buzz themselves.

And soon joining the local lists of Spokane food trucks is The Bistro Box . The Bistro Box is not new, in fact the business gathered a good following in the truck's hometown of Renton,Wa. . The business is moving to Spokane because of the owners family is in this part of the state.

The Bistro Box is a sandwich truck with a wide menu that includes diner style sandwiches, kobe beef sliders, salads and fries. According to the businesses website (which is listed below) the truck also does catering ,it can only be assumed this portion of the business will continue here is Spokane.

As of yet no official location or start date is available for when The Bistro Box will be available on the streets of Spokane but I will do my best to keep you posted. Also watch the site's listed below...

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