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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Construction at former Burgan's Furniture building to begin soon.

After 5 years of waiting for a more prime local economy, and planning out the best uses, Spokane businessman Gerald Dicker is ready. Ready to begin construction on a massive remodel of the former Burgan's Furniture store and warehouse on Division St just blocks north of Downtown Spokane.

Dicker, who is well known in the Spokane business community due to other developments acquired the large vacant building in 2008 and at one time even considered moving forward with a plan for a large hotel on the site. Plans for the hotel have since gone by the wayside. No doubt in part due to Walt Worthy's massive hotel tower project proposed for the parking lot across from the INB Performing Arts Center nearby.

Construction work at the former furniture store site is expected to begin within 2 months and cost between 9 and 12 million dollars to complete. A tentative completion date is set for the Summer of 2014.

The remodeling project will transform the building into 46 1 bedroom apartment units in the upper floors and a ground floor commercial area with 2 restaurant spaces and another space for a retail tenant. Also the project will have a conference area, meeting rooms and a fitness center. The apartments will be geared towards and extended stay for corporate and other's who may be around to long for a hotel but not long enough for a full residence.

The project is located along N. Division in between Division and Ruby and just south of Boone Ave. The project is actually made up of 2 buildings that we're both once used by Burgan's Furniture, a skyway will connect the 2 buildings and the remainder of the block will be filled by parking for the site.