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Saturday, December 14, 2013

More info on The Wandering Table / Yards Bruncheon restaurants coming to Kendall Yards ( Photo's )

Earlier on the blog we shared the announcement of several new restaurants planning to open soon in Spokane's Kendall Yards urban development. Among those planned restaurants is a permanent home for The Wandering Table, and Yards Bruncheon. Both are projects of Chef Adam Hegsted , but at the time of the announcement we knew only a little of these new establishments.

But, as time has gone by we have managed to find out more. So, as a follow up to that post here is some more info on The Wandering Table and Yards Brucheon. Also, Keep watching as we will try to share more on the other new restaurants in Kendall Yards as we get that info.

Chef Adam Hegsted is a well known and well respected local chef who's certainly not new to the Inland Northwest dining scene. Hegsted is currently executive chef for the Coeur d' Alene Casino Resort and operates The Wandering Table. The Wandering Table is not a new business, but the plans for a permanent restaurant home for it is new. The Wandering Table has been operating as pop up style supper club that served dinners in various locations at pre-determined dates and times, hence the Wandering part of The Wandering Table's name.

The Wandering Table, from what we hear will continue to wander some. But the new restaurant will be the main focus. The new The Wandering Table will be in the heart of Kendall Yards at 1242 W. Summit Pkwy . In a e-mail from Chef Hegsted, he describes The Wandering Table as a restaurant featuring American cuisine with small plates and classic cocktails.

He goes on to say that Inland Northwest seasonal ingredients, utilizing small farms and producers will be showcased on the menu. The restaurant itself will have a kind of rustic European feel with a wood fired grill and oven. As far as the menu for The Wandering Table, that is still in it's development phase. But a first draft of the menu was recently shared, and can be found at the bottom of this post. It gives an interesting glimpse into what may be Spokane's hottest new restaurant.

The Wandering Table will be a fine dining restaurant , but with a casual, loud and fun atmosphere. But, if that's not the pace of restaurant your looking for, Chef Hegsted has an alternative with his other restaurant he will also open soon, and also in Kendall Yards . That restaurant is called Yards Buncheon , and it will open just a short distance away at 1248 W. Summit Pkwy.

Yards Brucheon, will be a contemporary style diner featuring classic lunch and dinner made from scratch using high quality ingredients. Yards Bruncheon will have a chef's counter where guests can watch as the chef's cook their food. Yards will also offer a great coffee program with some of the best pastries.

For The Wandering Table and Yards Brucheon both, their is no official opening date as of yet. But both should open early next year. In fact a post on Yards Brucheon's Facebook wall eludes to them opening in only a couple more months.

Here is some more details on the restaurant's , including photo's and planned hours of operation:

 The Wandering Table

1242 W. Summit Pkwy. Spokane
Info on the web: or
Phone: 509-768-2178

An American style restaurant with 80 seats, 15 being in a bar area. Outdoor seating available during the warmer months.

The Wandering Table will be open 4pm - 11pm weekdays, 4pm - 1am weekends.

Photo's for The Wandering Table:

Above photo: The floor plan of The Wandering Table

Above photo: A rough draft of The Wandering Table's menu ( a bit difficult to read on blogger, my apology's )

Yards Brucheon

1248 W. Summit Pkwy. Spokane
On the web : or
Phone: 509-768-2178

This new restaurant will have about 70 seats and will also offer outside dining during the warmer months.

Yards Brucheon will be open 7 days a week from 6:30am - 3:30pm and coffee service continues until 5:00pm.

Photos for Yards Brucheon:

Above photo: The front of Yards Brucheon, under construction.

Above photo: The floor plan for Yards Brucheon.

Above photo:  A draft of the Yards Bruncheon menu.

Photo credit: All photo's are provided from Yards Brucheon and The Wandering Table's Facebook page's. Used with permission.