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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

New tenants move into Spokane Industrial Park

Four new tenants have recently moved into Spokane Business & Industrial Park in Spokane Valley. Those new tenants are:
-Allwest Testing & Engineering

- CBC Moving , Inc.

-Ritchie Trucking Service,Inc.

-Wolf Home Operations,Inc.

Facts & Figures about the Spokane Business & Industrial Park:

-Located in Spokane Valley on N. Sullivan Rd. in between Trent and Indiana ( Park address: 3808 N. Sullivan Rd. ). The park is one the largest industrial parks in the country.

-Over 4.5 million square feet of total space.

-Former US Army depot

-Approx.. 120 businesses, from factories to warehouses , shops and more call the park home

-Approx. 4,500 people are employed in the park.

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