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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Progress update on Crossroads Coeur d' Alene,more new resturants coming ( photos )

Now that Coeur d' Alene's new Winco Foods grocery store is now open, we can shift our focus onto the other portions of this sizable project. Construction at the site is already well underway, and the shell of one a few new buildings at the site is already up. Here is a look at the store's that are planned for that building and what else is yet to come....

Before, moving on, let's take a closer look at the development as a whole. The site is at the corner of Appleway and Ramsey Rd. just about a block north of I-90. The development is solely commercial and is called Crossroads Coeur d' Alene. The project takes up land from Lowe's to Ramsey Rd. and Appleway to the Kroc Center. The developer of the project is Hughes Investments, a development firm based in California that is also involved in a couple of other projects in Kootenai County. Those projects aren't as far a long however, but do include Riverview in Post Falls and Bayview Gateway in Athol.

Sales and leasing of the Crossroads Coeur d' Alene project is being done by Goodale & Barbieri . There are still many opportunities available at the site. For more info on land or leasing space at Crossroads Coeur d' Alene call Goodale & Barbieri at 1-800-572-9181 or click on this link-

And now, for the tenant who are supposed to be opening soon at the site...

Tenants planned for the shopping center immediately to the west of Winco:
Note: Stores with an * by them are newly added since the last time I posted about this project


Great Clips

Pita Pit*


Tenants planned for other portions of the Crossroads development site:

STCU ( Will build soon in the southwest corner of the project site )

Jack In The Box ( Not sure of their exact location but building is also expected soon and land has been transferred )

Also a gas station of some kind is rumored to be planned. The site plan on Hughes Investments web site does show a gas station in the northwest corner with no other info.

And as promised some more recent photo's of Crossroads Coeur d' Alene:

Above photo: The shopping center going up, taken looking north.

Above photo: the newly opened Coeur d' Alene Winco Foods.

Above photo: Shopping Center site, taken facing northwest.

Another interesting resource for info on Crossroads Coeur d' Alene can be the project's page on the Hughes Investments web site. Check that out at....

And keep checking Inland Northwest Business Watch, we will continue to follow up with any more info as we know it.