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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Giant Nerd Books opens on N. Monroe

A new bookstore is now open just blocks north of Downtown Spokane. But this new bookstore isn't like the other new and used book retailers around the region. In fact, even this businesses name is unique.

This new bookstore is called Giant Nerd Books and officially opened during the fall and is located directly on N. Monroe in a neighborhood that's well known for it's small , unique businesses that even includes more antique and re-sale stores then basically all other sections of the Inland Northwest.

Giant Nerd Books is located in about 1100 square feet of space at 709 N. Monroe. Giant Nerd sells new , used and collectible books. Books at Giant Nerd Books include classics and literature, science fiction and fantasy, some current fiction and mysteries; lots of books on hot rods and automotive history, motorcycles, lowbrow and tattoo art, pin-up girls and burlesque. The business owner hand selects all books in the shop and has an " eye for the underground and / or obscure "

But it's not all about the books at Giant Nerd Books . Giant Nerd also sells vintage cocktail and bar wares , tikis and South Seas / Far Eastern tribal arts , vintage and antique medical supplies as well as a selection of skulls and small taxidermy pieces.

Giant Nerd Books' retail shop on Monroe is new, but Giant Nerd Books as a business is not quite as new. Giant Nerd has been selling books around Spokane via placing books in several stores around the city. Giant Nerd also sells at these other local stores, and continues to sell today at:

TIME BOMB 711 N Monroe Spokane

THE VINTAGE RABBIT 2317 N Monroe Spokane

BOO RADLEY'S 232 N Howard Spokane

ATTICUS 222 N Howard Spokane

The retail shop for Giant Nerd Books is open Tues. thru Sat. 12pm (-ish) to 6pm. Their phone number is 509-868-0420. For more info on Giant Nerd Books visit-