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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Zombie themed espresso shop opens in Spokane

Zombie's are the current big trend , and apparently the business owners of Spokane have taken notice. First, with Dawn of the Donut , a zombie themed donut shop on the Division St. Hill and now with Zombies Espresso, a zombie themed espresso drive up.

Zombies Espresso , is located at 6220 N. Ligerwood in what appears to be originally a small house. The business is located within an easy drive of all of North Spokane and just a bit east of the busy N. Division / Francis Ave. intersection.  The business isn't hard to find either, standing out with it's unique pink and green color scheme.

Zombies Espresso officially opened for business in Mid-November and offers a mostly usual coffee stand menu. Zombies serves Uccello's coffees, in addition to red bulls and even items for kids. The shop is a drive up and is open Monday thru Friday 5am - 7pm , Saturday 7am - 6pm and Sunday 8am - 5pm

For more info on Zombies Espresso including pictures of the business check them out on Facebook-