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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Grumpy Monkey Coffee & Bakery - New business review

It's been quite some time since the last new restaurant review I've posted to this web site. But tonight, I paid a visit to a new coffee shop / bakery, in Coeur d' Alene that impressed this blogger enough to hurry home and share this excellent, brand new establishment .
That establishment is Grumpy Monkey Coffee & Bakery , now open in a former pawn shop space at 2102 N. 4th St. on the northern end of Midtown Coeur d' Alene. The location is ideal for most of the city and less then a block south of I-90 making it ideal for travelers and commuters alike .

Grumpy Monkey is small but quaint, it's not over decorated but certainly not empty and boring. In fact, the small size seems to almost help. The owner and his small staff are very friendly and welcoming to all. We only chatted with them briefly on this, our first visit, but the experience reminded me of walking into a friend's house and chatting with someone who isn't the strangers that they actually we're.

Coffee and food wise, Grumpy Monkey is also very impressive. I admit I'm not an expert on coffee , nor have I been to all the roughly 5 million other coffee shops in the Spokane and Coeur d' Alene area ( give or take, a few million! ) . But, in my opinion not only is Grumpy Monkey the best new local coffee shop. But Grumpy Monkey Coffee & Bakery is also my vote for the best local coffee shop. And, another part that makes this business great is Grumpy Monkey is a locally owned and operated business which, in this day and age, buying local should be everyone's top priority when shopping / eating or drinking to keep more dollars in the community.

I ordered the Cayenne Mocha , 16 oz. , which was served at an ideal temperature and with excellent flavor and basic latte art on top in the foam. In addition Grumpy Monkey has a display case full of baked goods , including a cookie which I ordered and had heated up based upon their suggestion. The cookie was delicious and absolutely perfect for a cold winter's night.

The owner, spoke with us about his coffees and by the brief conversation it was obvious that he is truly passionate about the product. You get the felling that this business is more then just a paycheck for him.

And if social media is any indication , this blogger isn't the only one very impressed with quality of Grumpy Monkey. The business has only been open a little over a week and already has over 500 likes on Facebook. Also, on Facebook, are 3 five star reviews. I think it's safe to say Grumpy Monkey Coffee & Bakery will be a part of the Coeur d' Alene business community for some time.

For more info on Grumpy Monkey Coffee find them at-

Grumpy Monkey Coffee & Bakery

2102 N. 4th St.

Coeur d' Alene , Id. 83814

Phone: 208-659-2548

Menu and hours of operation are posted on the businesses Facebook page.