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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

David's Pizza to open soon by Spokane Arena

You have likely already heard the news, David's Pizza is returning to operating a stand alone restaurant in Spokane. But we have now learned that, that new restaurant will be ready and open fir business within the next few weeks.

David's Pizza had operated a pizza restaurant in the Hamilton St. corridor by Gonzaga for a few years, building a strong reputation. But that location was forced to close after the site was sold to make way for a new multi tenant retail / restaurant building. However David's never actually went out of business, they have been making and serving their pizzas from inside Famous Ed's ( 2911 E. 57th Ave , Spokane ) since that closure.

Famous Ed's will continue to serve David's Pizza, but David's will now have a new permanent home of their own. That new home will be a formerly vacant building adjacent to the former Hostess factory across the street from Spokane Arena.

David's Pizza's new address will be 803 N. Post St. . And here is a look at what the new restaurant should look like once completed and open for business-

And here is the big news, the new David's should be open before the end of February, although there is no exact date set yet.

The Post St. location will employ about 20 and hiring is underway for those positions now. The menu at this new location will be basically the same as before with a few new items, which we will see as the opening gets closer.

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