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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Panera Bread is coming to Spokane Valley ** UPDATED 04/21 **

Thanks to some amazing INBW readers, I can safely confirm that Panera Bread is going to open a restaurant in the Spokane area.

I have yet to hear from Panera's corporate staff, but after requesting if Panera was coming, many of my INBW readers responded. And have proven that Panera Bread opening soon here and will be located in Spokane Valley.
As I write this the bidding has gone out on the project to build the new restaurant, so one would think it would be opening in the Summer or Fall this year. We will re-update this post when we get all the info, we're still looking into opening date, how many employees, etc... . In the construction information the restaurant will take 5,100 square feet and be a stand alone structure.
As far as where in the Valley Panera Bread will be? No exact address is given but a few readers tell me it will be nearby Spokane Valley Mall. Watch the bottom of this post as time goes by for the exact address and more updates.
Panera Bread is a growing chain of fast service café / bakery style resturants. The chain is based in Kirkwood,MO and today operates almost 2,000 locations. This will be the company's first location in the Inland Northwest.
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Update 04/16/2015 -
Panera Bread will be located at 15716 E. Indiana Ave. just east of Spokane Valley Mall.

Update 04/21/2015 -

I have finally heard from Panera Bread's corporate offices . The new Spokane Valley Panera Bread is planned to open for business on Aug 14th , 2015 .
It will employ about 65.