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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Is Panera Bread coming to Spokane? We need your help

Calling all Inland Northwest Business Watch readers!

We need your help, as thanks in part to an alert reader I think we may be close to proving a long running new business rumor as true!

That rumor is that Panera Bread is coming to Spokane, a while back we checked up on this rumor and at that time it seemed to not be happening. But now I've been alerted to a job posting for restaurant managers locally for Panera on .

We've also tracked down this ad-

So, here is the problem. I can't seem to locate where this new Panera Bread location will be? Or when it will open? I've contact Panera Bread twice but only got vague form responses back. Could this be one of those new restaurants going into Northtown Mall? South Hill?
We are dying to know! If you can confirm that Panera Bread is coming to Spokane and/ or provide info on this new location please contact me asap at-
Or, share about it on our Facebook page-
You can remain anonymous, or if your a real estate agent, etc... I can credit you on your sale / lease.
Update: Turns out Panera Bread is coming to Spokane Valley... here are the details -