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Monday, February 9, 2015

Spokane area Radio Shacks included in national closure lists

Last week the struggling national but outdated electronics chain Radio Shack announced they would enter into Chapter 11 bankruptcy and make changes to their stores including closing over 1,000 stores.

Today, the list of those stores that will close was published and many of the Spokane area stores are on the list to close. In fact many stores nationally will close and hold going out of business clearance sales, Alaska is the only state where no store closures are planned .

We're also told the Radio Shack stores that stay in business will be redesigned under a plan from one of the company's largest shareholders. If that plan goes forward the stores will be a hybrid store of sorts with half Radio Shack and half a Sprint cell phone store.

Here are the Spokane / Coeur d' Alene area Radio Shacks closing:

Northtown Mall Radio Shack
4750 N. Division St Suite 1009 , Spokane

Northpoint Shopping Center Radio Shack
9656 N. Newport Hwy Suite 5A , Spokane

East Spokane Radio Shack
4808 E. Sprague Ave Suite 204 , Spokane

Post Falls Radio Shack
3134 E.Mullan Ave Suite A , Post Falls

There is no last day of business for the stores mentioned as of yet.