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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Almost all of Saranac Commons is now open for business

19 W. Main is one of the coolest new places in Downtown Spokane. Located in the heart of what some describe as " Little Portland " 19 W. Main is the site of Saranac Commons.

Saranac Commons, if you don't already know is a bit of a market of small businesses, many geared towards food. It's not huge but it is a huge step in the right direction for building up our locally owned and operated business scene.

And, now after some delays with roofing,etc... the businesses that call Saranac Commons home are now open and ready for customers. Here is a look at what all can be found at Saranac Commons-


Just opened a few days ago, Mediterrano is a unique restaurant with a delicious menu of dishes from Mediterranean nations. The menu consists of starters, sandwiches , burgers, grain bowls and yes, they make Gyros.

Everything is made fresh from the small space towards the front of building.

To my knowledge Mediterrano doesn't have a web site just yet. But they can be found on Facebook at-

Caffe Affogato

Caffe Affogato is a locally owned and operated coffee shop, but it's far from the ordinary coffee shop. Caffe Affogato sells more upscale coffee drinks including their signature drink also named Caffe Affogato. This is a espresso drink served over ice cream.

The business also sells tea and Italian Soda's , occasional live music is also available. Coffee lovers will defiantly want to add Caffe Affogato to their list of local businesses to check out. 

For more information on Caffe Affogato visit-

Or, find them on Facebook at-

Common Crumb Artisan Bakery

Common Crumb is a new locally owned and operated bakery, but while the business is new the business owner is not. Common Crumb is a new venture from Chef Jeremy Hansen, the James Beard Award nominated executive chef over at Sante in Downtown Spokane's Liberty Building.

Common Crumb sells many different breads, French pastries , chocolates and confectionaries. In addition Common Crumb even has some meal options like a bratwurst made using beer from Black Label Brewing who is also located within the Saranac Commons building.

For more information on Common Crumb Artisan Bakery visit their web site at-

Or, find them on Facebook at-

Black Label Brewing Co.

One of the newest microbreweries on the scene in Spokane is right here in the Saranac Commons building.

Black Label Brewing makes an effort to actually produce as many of their beers ingredients as possible and beer's by Black Label are made in smaller qualities then some of the big brewer's .

For more information on Black Label Brewing visit their web site at-

Or, find them on Facebook at-

Sun People Bed & Bath

The last local business to open for business at Saranac Commons will be Sun People Bed & Bath. The business will open very soon however, the estimated opening date is April 20th and hiring for this new shop has already begun.

Sun People Bed & Bath is a branch off of the now closed Sun People Dry Good retail shop that was over in the Spokane Public Market / Pacific Bridge building on W. 2nd .

The new Sun People opening at Saranac Commons will be a retail shop and will still continue to focus on environmentally sustainable merchandise. The only real difference will be that the new store will focus on the bed and bath side.

More to come soon as Sun People Bed & Bath opens up shop.

Also, Saranac Commons the building itself can now even be found online. Check out their new web site at-

There, you will also find a Google Map to find the building and even parking which IS NOT an issue to find.