Friday, March 13, 2015

Call for help: Who's billboards are these???

Ok, it worked great last time I asked on here for everyone's help in locating where Panera Bread would be in Spokane. With your help I was able to track down that Panera Bread will ( eventually ) be coming to Spokane Valley ( more on that here- )

So I have another question for you, my great loyal INBW readers. In the last week or two I've seen a couple of these billboards.....

It's kind of hard to read in this, but in the orange at the bottom it says " Opening soon in Coeur d' Alene ". I want to know exactly who this is, that's opening soon in CdA.
The phrase would have one thinking health care, and there is a medical weight loss place opening soon on N. Government Way, could it be them? Or a coffee shop? Bar?   I have ideas but nothing set in stone.
I also reached out to Lamar Advertising of Spokane ( the owner of this billboard on Seltice Way ) . But have not heard back from them yet.
If you know, who this is for, and / or some info about this new business. Contact me , Matt Behringer , anytime at this e-mail address-
Or, post your tip to our Facebook page at-

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