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Monday, April 20, 2015

Several restaurants planning to open in Spokane

Last week's highly anticipated opening of Ezell's Famous Chicken ( 4919 S. Regal, Spokane ) got me doing some research into what new restaurants are planning to open in our area.

First of all, Ezell's isn't the only anticipated restaurant opening locally, here are a few others-

Republic Pi - The South Hill sister restaurant to the The Flying Goat, Republic Pi is also almost open. If everything goes according to plan, today should be their opening day! They are by the Manito Shopping Center at 611 E. 30th .

Rawdeadfish - Coeur d' Alene's newest food truck is also the region's first sushi food truck. With a cleaver name and brightly colored truck. Rawdeadfish is parked at 514 Best Ave. and is now open for business.

Chomper Café- A new breakfast and lunch place that's creating quite the buzz, Chomper Café opened for business within the last couple of weeks. Chomper Café is located in Hayden at 2345 W. Prairie Ave.

Also, currently in the permitting / development phases are some more restaurants. They all promise to be pretty cool. Only issue is since there in development, we can't guarantee when or even necessarily if they will open-

Lost Boys Garage Bar & Grill

With a liquor license already filed for Lost Boys Garage Bar & Grill is planning to open 6325 N. Wall St. . This seems fitting as the building has a garage style look and was last used as another restaurant , Stop n' Go Drive In which has gone out of business.


Bruchi's , the locally based chain of sandwich / cheesesteak restaurant is planning a new location in the Downtown Spokane. This new location will be in one of most high profile sections of the Downtown core.

Bruchi's is planning to open at 707 W. Main aka The Crescent Court building across from River Park Square. This will possibly be the former Madeline's or on the building's skywalk level.

Steel Horse Saloon & BBQ

In the development phase is Steel Horse Saloon & BBQ which will us / build upon an existing vacant building  at the corner of N. Newport Hwy and Hoerner. The site's address is 9304 N. Newport Hwy ,  keep an eye out for more on Steel Horse.