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Monday, April 6, 2015

Two stores open in Spokane's Womans Club Building

The Spokane's Woman's Club has been a part of Spokane for many decades. Many may know of the club by their historical brick building just off Maple St. south of Downtown Spokane. That building is still going strong at 1428 W. 9th Ave.

And, in addition to providing the Spokane Woman's Club with a home, the building may also be rented out for events like wedding receptions or really any event you can think of. More information on event rentals at the Spokane's Woman's Club can be obtained via the link at the bottom of this posting.

In an effort to offset some costs the club has opened up it's lower level to some long term commercial tenants. Today, three businesses also call 1428 W. 9th Ave home and two of those opened there just recently.

Here is a look at the new businesses that have set up shop in the Spokane Woman's Club building-

Bella Cova

Bella Cova, which translates to  " the beautiful nest " has space within the building and opened there late in 2014. Bella Cova has been a business here in Spokane before as they launched a couple of years ago in the Broadview Dairy Building on N. Washington near Spokane Arena.

But, that building got sold and is now under construction as a new gastropub called The Blackbird. This left Bella Cova basically out of business until re establishing themselves at the Woman's Club building.

Bella Cova is sort of a one stop shop for pregnancy. They offers retail merchandise in what they call their " Nest Shop " . The business also acts as a resource center for pregnant women to get info and answers.

In addition to the retail and resource side of Bella Cova, they also operate a small coffee shop inside the store. It features locally roasted Roast House Coffee drinks and some snacks.

For more information on Bella Cova check out their web site at-

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Artemisia is partnered with Bella Cova and just opened for business in the bottom level of the Spokane Woman's Club.

The business is a gift shop and art gallery combination that is very unique. The merchandise found at  Artemisia is locally made / created and by women artists. This business's space is small but still a cool 100 % local store.

For more info on Artemisia find them on Facebook at-

Also, at the Spokane's Women's Club... Fit4MOM Spokane

While not new to the Woman's Club's building, it is of note that Fit4MOM Spokane also is a long term renter there. They are a fitness business offering classes geared towards mothers.

The goal of Fit4MOM is to provide women " the strength of motherhood" . The business offers 4 different programs for all stages of motherhood.

For more information on Fit4MOM Spokane find them on their web site at-

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