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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Update on Comcast's new call center

We may still be waiting on a official press release from Comcast, but we can confirm that the national communication / cable TV company Comcast is still planning a new call center in the Spokane area.

 While I have been aware of this plan for some time now, I'm just now finding out more about it. The purposed call center is planned to open in a existing building on Sullivan Rd. in Spokane Valley (maybe the former Sykes call center at 2818 N. Sullivan Rd. ). What I am told however is that the call center on Sullivan will only be temporary as the company is hoping to build a new building somewhere in Liberty Lake to house the center for good.

We still don't have information on exactly how many new jobs will be created by this new call center. But, hiring for jobs there has started and has been going on for sometime now. For more information on jobs with Comcast in Spokane, check out-

And, for more information on Comcast visit their web site at-